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Recent Testimonials:

I'm so happy I found Progressive Health and Rehab! With the chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy combined, I feel 100% better than the day I walked in the door. My range of motion has increased and the crippling pain in the back of my legs is gone. I'm even back at the gym! Their approach to eliminating my pain was well-designed and applied. They are miracle workers! Thanks to the whole team!


Lynn H

In the past I was overweight and always in pain. Two months ago I was in so much pain, I was bed ridden. I couldn't hardly get up to go to the bathroom. After Just 4 treatments and therapy I went from feeling 40% to 90% better. I was also sleeping better, losing weight and in a better mood.


Starr Lynn Mayes

I woke up on a Monday with a sore lower back, by the end of Tuesday, I could barely stand/walk. I was getting worried because in 31/2 weeks my wife and I are moving

out of state and I have to pack and have a 1,200 mile drive. My wife is a patient here and made me an appointment for Wednesday. Dr. Tony diagnosed my problem and within days I was walking comfortably. I went 3 times per week till we left and I'm happy to say

that even now, 3 weeks later after the move, I still feel great!!! Thank you Dr. Tony and staff, you are all great people.


Mark Randall

My first time going to this center and I was highly impressed. The chiropractor was very professional and straight to the point, which is what I like in this atmosphere. The physical therapist was very kind and thorough when explaining what was going to be happening and made me feel very comfortable and heard. Becky the front desk receptionist was so kind and caring and really made me feel welcome. I can't wait to come back and glad I switched here so far, it's worth the extra drive for me.


Katie Glick


A Holistic Approach to Your Health Care

With over 50 years of combined medical care expertise under one roof, the licensed medical specialists at Progressive Health & Rehab in Gahanna, OH, provide patients of all ages with comprehensive care to treat spine, joints, muscles, and their related nerve injuries. Bringing together the most talented specialists and high-tech equipment, our practice and compassionate staff are committed to treating your chronic pain conditions so you can get back to doing the things you love and live your life pain-free to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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During stressful times of increased risk of sickness it is important to:

- get plenty of sleep to rejuvenate your body
- stay hydrated - water is the most important nutrient in your body
- get adjusted - regular chiropractic adjustments help your entire body function optimally
- eat a healthy diet based on organic vegetables and healthy lean meats. 
- avoid sugar at all costs. It decreases your immune system drastically

Treating the Source, Not the Symptom

Our holistic approach to your wellness considers two key factors. The first is in our belief that no two patients are alike. The back and neck pain suffered by one can be for completely different reasons than that of another patient. The second consideration is that medical conditions respond and heal to treatments in different ways. This is why we have assembled a team of medical specialists including chiropractors, physical therapists, and neurologists, all who work together to provide the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient. Our goal with your customized healthcare is to treat the source of your pain, not just provide temporary relief by only treating the symptoms. And we don't stop there. With licensed nutritionists on staff, we can help you develop a lifestyle that will keep you feeling your best for years to come.

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