Progressive Health and Rehab is Gahanna Ohio’s Top Rated Local® Physical Medicine Clinic. We use chiropractic treatments for chronic lower back pain relief among other things. We know that the health of your spine often reflects your overall health. And we also know that getting out and doing your regular exercise routine can be difficult in the winter months. But we are here to encourage your to not let the weather stop you from maintaining your health.

  1. Our first suggestion is that you don’t let the cold and snow completely stop you from getting outside. We know it’s really tempting to sit inside and watch the flakes fall. There are some many thing to do outside that are fun, and will help you keep your muscle tone. You just need to bundle up!
  2. Don’t forget that warm muscles perform better than cold muscles and that warm muscles are less prone to injuries. Be sure to stretch well, even to the point of breaking a sweat before you go out into the cold. It will take extra time, but it can save you from injury and the resulting recovery time. Stretching on off days will make your active day stretches easier so stretch every day!
  3. Not only will these tips make getting out for a snowy hike, snowshoe trip or cross-country skiing jaunt easier on your back, they’ll also give you the added benefit of reinforcing your immune system, and if you are not laid up with a cold or the flu, you’ll be able to get out all the more!
  4. Keep a healthy cycle going in your life. If you are experiencing back pain that stops you from even these things, give us a call today and make an appointment.