Back pain can be a complex diagnosis with ranging causes and treatments. Here at your trusted Gahanna chiropractor, we believe that quality education is an effective adjunct to back pain treatment. However, it doesn’t help with myths and misconceptions abound about back problems and back pain. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most common myths surrounding back pain.

  • It won’t happen to you. Actually, the odds aren’t in your favor here. In fact, approximately 80% or 8 in 10 people will experience some type of back pain or back problems in their lifetime. It’s the leading cause of disability in men over 45!
  • If your back pain is bad enough it can cause paralysis. In most cases, even when you have a great deal of back pain, there is usually no indication that it will lead to paralysis. Rare cases where back pain can result in paralysis may include tumors on the spine, infections, or unstable spinal fractures.
  • Your severe back pain is a direct correlation to the amount of damage to the spine. If the pain is acute, then it will correlate to the level of damage just like if you touch a hot iron, you immediately feel a lot of pain. However, if your back pain is chronic then it doesn’t usually correlate with how much damage there is.
  • You won’t get back pain if you’re physically active. While it can be true that those who are more active and well-conditioned are less likely to have back pain than those who are sedentary, back pain can affect all people regardless of how active they are.