dreamstime_xxl_34994661With the rise of specialties among doctors, it’s often hard to find one place that can help with a variety of your ailments. Holistic medicine is not common practice across the medical industry, though it should be.

Imagine being able to see your general practitioner while having the opportunity to consult with a nutritionist and have your physical therapy needs all taken care of under the same roof. That’s the future of medicine.

At Progressive Health and Rehab, we know it’s important to be able to receive full care under one roof. Each system of the body is interconnected, meaning that they all influence one another. Consider coming to see us because you’re having knee pain. You thought that physical therapy could help. It definitely can, but after your initial appointment, you thought it might help to seek nutritional counseling in order to drop a few pounds, relieving pressure on your knees, and use food to better lubricate your joints instead of resorting to pharmaceuticals. You won’t have to seek help elsewhere. Because we believe in holistic medicine, you can do that in house with us as well.

Many times, individuals dealing with chronic pain get stuck between specialists and may not know what to do next. They take pain killers because that’s all they’ve been given and all that can even help a little. As specialists in treating pain, we won’t hang you out to dry. We will take a multi-faceted approach to help you work towards a pain-free life. Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life, come visit us at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna for holistic care to make your health dreams reality.