It’s easy to go to a doctor’s office and say, “My throat hurts,” or, “My neck is bothering me.” But understanding what is actually causing the problem can be much more complicated than just prescribing antibiotics or putting a bandaid on the point of pain. More often than not, you have to go through a variety of approaches in order to help yourself heal because all the systems of the body are connected.

This is why holistic medicine is an important approach to consider for your health. Take a lower back injury for example.

Perhaps you hurt your lower back while you were gardening in your backyard. You went to clean up some leaves from the garden beds and twisted just wrong. This caused you plenty of pain. After trying rest and ice, you finally decide to see the doctor. A regular doctor opts to to put you on pain pills and muscle relaxants. While this may help in the short term, is it really the best choice for your long term care?

Let’s look a bit closer.

You have told your doctor that you injured your back. The initial assumption may be that you pulled a muscle. If the injury is persistent, you may come to find that you herniated a disc in your lumbar spine. Assuming that these are the only two concerns that you have to deal with, it may seem easy just to treat the lumbar spine. But in reality, it’s not a simple solution. It’s important to take a whole body approach to any type of injury, because it’s going to take a lot of different work in order to get everything back in order. For a lumbar injury, you need to address the disc, the muscle groups in both your back and stomach, your posture, and even how you walk, just to name a few. If you only address the disc, for example, you will probably have a lifelong problem on your hands.

This same approach needs to be taken with most of the body. You can’t simply just address the direct problem without looking at all the different systems, muscle groups, and other body functions that are also affected. Addressing an injury in a holistic manner and as a single system can help you turn a chronic injury into a resolved injury.

In addition to treating your body as a whole system, holistic medicine also helps by looking at your mental state and your spiritual beliefs. Your mind, body, and spirit all help to make up the whole you, and in order to treat a problem, you have to treat the whole you.

Here at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna, we strongly believe in treating the whole you and not just the problem you’re here to see us for. We provide a variety of services to best do that, from chiropractic care to nutritional assessments, we know it’s important to look at the entire picture for each and every patient. Let us be your go-to for help with chronic pain when you need chiropractic care or physical therapy from a holistic provider. Schedule your appointment today.