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Pain of any sort can be excruciating. Many times you go in to see a medical practitioner and all you can come up with to say is that you hurt. Or perhaps you’re experiencing back pain and the extent of your vocabulary seems to sink to, “My back hurts!” When you go in to see your chiropractor or other medical practitioner at Progressive Health and Rehab, one of the best ways you can be of help is to be able to clearly articulate where you are in pain and what the pain feels like. To help out your chiropractor, consider the following tips anytime you’re describing your pain.


The first thing most medical professionals will typically ask you is, “How bad does it hurt on a scale of zero to ten?” Even though this is a subjective approach to measuring pain, it’s one of the best ways to determine how the pain makes you feel. Zero is if you feel no pain. Ten is considered to be the worst pain you’ve ever felt where it makes you cry and feel like you’re going to pass out. One of the best ways to judge where you fall in between is to let your chiropractor know how much the pain interferes with your daily activities and needs.


Additionally, a chiropractor needs to know what type of pain you are experiencing. Get creative with your word choices and think of sensory based words you may use like stabbing, sharp, shooting, dull, and achy in order to describe the type of pain you feel. Also, describe how it makes you feel and affects you with words like torturing, tender, or gnawing.

Don’t let pain rule your life, contact the professionals at Progressive Health and Rehab today!

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