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When you have tried every kind of cream, medication, therapy, and healing mechanism that you can think of with no luck, maybe it’s time to try something else, like vibration therapy. This treatment has been proving to more and more people how well it really does work at relieving pain.

How does it work?

A vibration machine focuses and works on each principle of frequency and amplitude needing to be altered to suit your specific injury. If you desire to have whole body vibration therapy, the machine’s platform will generate various vibrations, which will then transmit through your body. What makes the treatment effective or not is the direction and intensity of the machine’s vibrations.

Certain vibration machines produce only vertical vibrations and not horizontal ones, whereas others produce vibrations in every direction – up and down, front and back, and also sideways. The vibrations that are going up and down are known as the strongest and most effective at always producing the strongest and most rapid contractions in the muscles. Localized vibration therapy brings a similar stimulating effect while only triggering smaller groups of muscles.

In the case of improving bone density, it has been discovered that vibration therapy often times induces nuclei that is inside the cells to trigger and cause the release of osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are necessary in order to build new, strong bone.

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