Everyone knows that the holidays can be stressful. Many of us have family loss anniversaries or associate family gatherings with dramatic, stressful scenes so we are stressful before we even get the invitation! Those factors can make the stress almost unbearable. Or maybe you have great associations of the holiday but the packing lots at the mall and the traffic, and the weather are all joining forces to give you a knot in your neck or making you generally on edge.  


Progressive Health and Rehab is your chiropractor in Gahanna and is here to help! We practice holistic medicine that can help. We have a number of services that can be helpful in relieving holiday stress. One of these services is nutritional assessment.


Nutritional Assessment

  • Knowing what’s wrong is often half the battle and the old saying ‘you are what you eat” is very true.
  • If you eat foods full of toxins, you will have toxic build ups in you body that can cause pain.
  • Our modern lives have taken us away from healthy, simple eating, and our nutritional counseling can help get you back on the right track.
  • Besides the nutritional assessment we offer plans of detoxing and purifying your body.

Herbal Therapy

  • We can analyze your current eating habits and help you plan and initiate changes to make for a more healthy you!
  • Medicinal herbs are a great way of treating stress and pain without resorting to pharmaceuticals.
  • We can offer advice about herbs to treat your issues.


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