Most people think about back pain or spinal adjustments when thinking about a chiropractor. This makes doctors and chiropractors unique and different from one another in their approach to treating each of  their patients. Our chiropractor’s way of treatment, however, is usually not the only way of managing the patient’s care. For example, a chiropractor’s care utilizes drugless, natural therapies.

Natural agents such as heating, cooling, water, massage, light, and exercise are some of the physiological therapeutic measures that are often used by chiropractors. When done, these and other elements exert a beneficial influence on body functions and can help a number of common lower back pains.


Most Common Forms Of Chiropractic Therapy

  • Heating and Cooling. Chiropractors alternate what’s known as heat and ice therapy to help patients relieve back pain. Ice packs are placed on the back for 10 to 15 min. then switched to a heating pad, heat wrap or hot water bottle. This restores blood flow which aids in pain relief.
  • Exercise. Chiropractors provide patients with an exercise program which focuses strictly on what stretches and ways of strengthening are best for them.
  • Massage. Chiropractors often massage the patient’s soft tissue as a way to improve the body’s circulation and reduce the swelling and/or inflammation that the back pain is causing.
  • Dietary Management. Many chiropractors encourage patients to start a healthier way of eating and will provide tips on how an improved diet can help with back pain. Certain chiropractors will even recommend dietary supplements after spinal manipulation.


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