When you hurt, you probably weigh all of your options. You start with over-the-counter pain medications, but when those doesn’t work, you have to find another solution. At this point, you might decide it’s time to see the doctor, because you think that’s your only real option to find any relief. However, when it comes to pain, it can often be difficult to diagnosis pain problems and provide relief. Most doctors will prescribe strong pain medications, physical therapy, or even surgery if there aren’t any blatant solutions available. Many people forget that they have other options available to them. Physical therapy is often a great option, as is chiropractic care. The struggle with chiropractic care is that many people don’t actually know or understand how a chiropractor could help to relieve their pain. With so many myths circulating, it’s no surprise that seeing a chiropractor often gets skipped in the treatment process. Here at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna, we’d like to touch on some of these myths and help you to understand how a chiropractor may actually be the best choice to treat your pain.

Myth: Adjustments hurt.

The number one concern many people have about seeing a chiropractor is simply thinking that chiropractic adjustments are going to hurt. To be completely honest, the worst part about chiropractic adjustments is actually the sound. Adjustments shouldn’t hurt, but the popping sound can be unnerving for many people. But most people actually feel a sense of relief from adjustments and not discomfort. In fact, when you have adjustments done, your body produces positive endorphins to compensate for any feelings of discomfort it may experience.

Myth: You’ll only get benefits when receiving regular chiropractic care.

We’ve heard this one a lot, and many people believe that if you start seeing a chiropractor, you will have to continue seeing them for the rest of your life in order to stave off any pain. The truth is that many people can find permanent relief in just a few sessions. There are some specific cases that will need regular treatment, and it is also suggested that you come in for adjustments every now and again, but those may be few and far between. The reality is that each person is unique and will benefit from treatments differently, however, we can say that a majority of patients don’t stay for years on end.

Myth: Chiropractors can only help your back.

Whenever you think about a chiropractor, the first thing you probably think about is your back. They are commonly known for helping with any back related pain. However, they do much more than that. Chiropractors can help with a variety of joints, including hips and shoulders, as well as help with different types of peripheral nerve pain. If you have any form of chronic pain, the odds are that a chiropractor can help.

Myth: You can’t use insurance to see a chiropractor.

Medical expenses can often stop people from getting the health care they need. There is a common assumption that chiropractors are not covered by the health insurance that you already pay for. The truth is many insurance plans now cover both chiropractic care and acupuncture. This change has been made as alternative forms of pain relief have been found not only effective, but also more affordable than surgeries. Medicare even covers chiropractic care in many plans in order to better treat patients.

Myth: Chiropractors aren’t doctors.

This is probably the number one myth we hear all the time. While chiropractors are not MDs, they are put under rigorous training that is akin to the training an MD completes. In fact, chiropractors go through years of training in a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and then continue on to a residency, where they practice under the guidance of an experienced chiropractor. They not only go through this extensive training that takes roughly the same amount of hours as an MD, but they also have to maintain their own accreditation standards and licensures. It’s only fair to say that chiropractors are very educated and experienced medical professionals.

Myth: All chiropractic care is expensive.

Much like many people think that insurance plans don’t cover visits to a chiropractor, many people also think that the average chiropractic appointment is exceptionally expensive. In reality, it’s actually a great way to spend less on your medical expenses. Compared to surgery, a chiropractic visit costs next to nothing. In addition, individuals who receive regular chiropractic care also pay up to 40 percent less in overall medical costs due to a better quality of life that requires less medical intervention.

Chiropractors are often underestimated and misunderstood doctors due to these many myths. However, chiropractic care could make a real difference for your health, especially if you deal with chronic back or joint pain. Let us help you here at Progressive Health and Rehab! Come see us for an initial evaluation today!