When your back is hurting you might say something akin to, “Oh, my aching back!” While this is technically true, and your back is hurting, it’s very hard to tell what is the cause of your pain when a generalization like that is used. There are many different components in your back that can easily become injured and cause varying levels of pain and discomfort. When your back is in pain, book an appointment to your local chiropractor in Gahanna to help you on your road to recovery. In the meantime, keep reading to help understand the different components of your back that could be causing your pain.

The Spine

Your spine is comprised of many different parts. You have the boney vertebrae, the soft spinal cord, and the discs supporting the vertebrae among other structures. All of these pieces can cause pain for different reasons. The easiest way to determine what is causing you pain is to determine the exact location of your pain. The spine is broken into four different sections: the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine, and the sacral spine. Each section is prone to different kinds of injury depending on the cause.

Soft Tissue

It’s important to determine if you are having problems with your spine or with the soft tissue surrounding it. Muscular problems may be best treated by a physical therapist while skeletal pain can be reduced by a chiropractor.

Other Causes

There are other organs and structures that can cause you back pain that isn’t caused by your spine or the surrounding muscles. Your kidneys are located in your back right under your rib cage; your hips can cause instability in the back, and even your intestines can put pressure on your spine.

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