Figuring out where to seek help is half the battle when it comes to finding pain relief. If you experience a stomach ache, you know you need to see your general practitioner. But when your back hurts, who do you see? Do you need a general practitioner? An orthopedic surgeon? A chiropractor? A physical therapist? Consider these tips to help you decide who you need to see for what type of pain.


A chiropractor is a doctor that specializes in skeletal issues that cause pain. If you’re experiencing lower back pain, different types of joint pain, headaches, and tension, you may be in need of chiropractic services. Unlike massage therapists, who focus on soft tissues, chiropractors focus on the hard tissues in the body. Through specific adjustments, a chiropractic can help a variety of ailments that are associated with bones and joints.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is another option for relieving pain in the body. The best situation in which to see a physical therapist is when the muscle system needs reprogramming in order to relieve your pain. This can be anything from having tendonitis in your hands from overuse at work or working with a physical therapist to strengthen your knee after a surgical procedure.

There are many cases in which chiropractic and physical therapy treatments overlap. That’s why the professionals at Progressive Health and Rehab have teamed up to be able to provide you a holistic approach to your pain treatment. Contact the specialists at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna today to book your appointment and create your treatment plan in order to find pain relief!