The human body is exceptionally complex. There are many different components that come together in order to function as a whole. When you experience lower back pain, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the pain. It could be a skeletal problem, a muscle, ligament, or tendon, or maybe even a nerve problem. In many cases, your local chiropractor can help you figure out exactly what is causing you pain and the best way in which to relieve it. We’ve covered several different causes of lower back pain on the blog so far, and here is another one to think about when searching for an answer to your lower back pain.  

Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

While the name of this condition may sound funny, the pain it causes is definitely not entertaining. The cause of this pain can be hard to identify, as many individuals suffer an injury when they are young and don’t experience symptoms until they are older. Stress placed on the spine at some point can cause a vertebrae in the lower back to fracture. The fracturing of the back part of the vertebrae away from the interior part that holds the spinal cord allows the vertebrae to slip forward towards the belly button.

Initially, an individual may not feel more than a deep ache in their lower back with this fracture. As they age, the vertebrae continues to put pressure on the soft disc space between the upper fractured vertebrae and the one below it. This can cause an excruciating amount of pain. Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment typically involves pain management, as well as seeing a chiropractor and physical therapy.

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