dreamstime_xxl_34376841While we’ve talked a bit about spinal stenosis on our website, it’s hard to truly explain how painful and problematic this condition can be. With more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed in the United States each year, it’s a real problem, but often, chiropractic care can help individuals with spinal stenosis find pain relief.

To recap, spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the bone channels in the spine that the spinal cord and nerves run through. As an individual ages, it is very common for these channels to narrow due to wear and tear throughout the years, as well as bone remodeling with additional material. This change causes pressure and pain for many individuals that can limit quality of life and mobility.

Most individuals who experience spinal stenosis are over the age of 60, and once you hit a certain age, mobility can become a genuine concern. The pain and discomfort caused by spinal stenosis can cause pain and numbness in the legs. You don’t want to let these symptoms reduce or stop your mobility as you age. There are several treatments that your local chiropractor can utilize to help reduce the symptoms and keep you moving.

The most important approach that a chiropractor can take towards spinal stenosis is to provide spinal decompression and alignment for the vertebrae. As you age, gravity takes a toll and puts extra pressure on your spine. This can exacerbate spinal stenosis. Regular and non-invasive adjustments allow your chiropractor to decompress the spine and, therefore, the spinal cord, in order to relieve pain and pressure.

Don’t let spinal stenosis slow you down when you finally get the chance to enjoy life in retirement. Let our chiropractic care specialists at Progressive Health and Rehab help you with non-invasive treatment to keep you moving.