When you have an injury you may feel helpless, or that you have no control over what’s happening to your body. Of course, you want to get back to your old capacity as soon and quickly as possible. You may be asking if there are things you can do speed up your recovery? Progressive Health and Rehab has a Physical Therapy Department headed by Dr. Lauer, and we have some tips for you that can aid in your recovery.

Do Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

  • If you are told to do your physical therapy every day for 20 minutes, do so.
  • Avoiding your exercises will prolong your recovery.
  • If you are told to ice your injury or apply heat, do so.

Don’t Push Your Luck

  • If your doctor tells you to assume only light duties until you’ve been cleared, don’t push those limits because you feel like you can. You can cause a serious setback.
  • If you are told to use weight machines, stay with those. Free weights can cause injury because the instability of your injured body part. For instance, if you are recovering from shoulder surgery and you loose balance of a free weight you could re-injure your shoulder.

Do Stay Active

  • Just because you can’t use your shoulder, for instance, doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk and keep your legs moving and your lungs healthy.

Do Check with Your Doctor

  • If you need to so something that makes you wonder if you’ll injure yourself, check with your doctor before you attempt it.
  • Check with your doctor before you start any new supplements.

Our final word on this is to be patient but consistent. Recovery takes time and steady effort. Call today to set up a physical therapy appointment.