Progressive Health And Rehab of Gahanna practices holistic medicine. Perhaps you’ve heard this word before but are curious as to how it is utilized with chiropractic treatments.

Holistic medicine is the treatment of an ailment by treating the whole person,  mind, body and spirit. One such ailment that is most frequently treated through a holistic approach is fibromyalgia. This sometimes debilitating illness is somewhat of a mystery diagnosis. There is no test for it and it can really only be diagnosed by putting together a set of consistent symptoms that people with fibromyalgia most frequently have. It is often mistaken for other ailments until a pattern is clearly established.


Common symptoms include, all over body aches, memory problems, tender spots all over the body. Less common symptoms include irritable bowel syndrome, painful menstruation, temperature sensitivity and sleep disruptions.


A holistic approach to fibromyalgia is recommended because one of the given causes is stress and it is well known to cause flare ups. Lifestyle advice, emotional help, or therapy can help relieve some stress.  Chiropractic treatments can help by relieving pressure on joints and the spine.

Corrective exercises can help on a lifestyle level to make sure that your pain is making you immobile to the point where your weak muscles are contributing to the pain you are experiencing.  Strengthening your core muscles especially is important to keep you feeling strong. Progressive Health and Rehab also offers nutritional counseling to make sure you are not eating foods that can contribute to any of the problems you are experiencing. Call us for an appointment.