Progressive Health And Rehab in Gahanna  is the business of making your body work as best as it can for you, and as pain-free as possible. We treat various types of pain that originate in the spine, including sciatica, bulging discs, and migraines. We also treat shoulder pain.

If you’ve got shoulder pain, you know the limitations that it can bring into your life. When you have shoulder pain, it is natural to favor the other arm, and in the process, you can lose mobility and strength in the sore shoulder. This can lead to a prolonged road back to recovery, so it’s best to have your shoulder looked at and treated as soon as possible.

How Can Progressive Health and Rehab Help my Shoulder Pain?

You may know that chiropractic treatment works with spinal adjustments, but it can help shoulder pain in some cases as well. If your shoulder becomes misaligned, a chiropractic treatment can re-align the ball and socket. Your shoulder can also be painful if your upper back and shoulder are out of alignment, and chiropractic treatment is perfectly adapted to re-aligning these misalignments.

Progressive Health and Rehab also has a physical therapy department. When you have an adjustment you need to build the muscles around that area to help support the new alignment. For complete shoulder pain relief, you may need to rebuild the muscles that hold your shoulder in place. We can guide you in that pursuit to have you back at your peak. Call Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna today.