If you’re experiencing numbness, tingling, and pain in your hand and it’s making work difficult, you may have carpal tunnel. However, how do you know what is going on? You have to find a solution, but until you know exactly what is going on, it’s difficult to move forward. In today’s short blog, we want to share some of the tests we will do to determine whether or not you are, in fact, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tests We May Try to Determine What is Going On

  • Phalen’s Test

    • In this test, the patient puts his or her hands together back-to-back and bends the wrists for a minute. If the patient experiences tingling in the fingers, it may indicate damage to the median nerve.
  • Electromyography

    • The doctor places electrodes on the patient’s forearm. Electrical current is directed toward certain muscles, and depending on how quickly and how well the median nerve transmits the messages to the muscles reveals if there is damage to it or not.

  • Tinel’s Test

    • In this test, the physician taps the median nerve at the patient’s wrist. If the patient experiences tingling in one or more of the fingers, the median nerve may be damaged.
  • Nerve Conductivity Testing

    • This type of testing compares the ulnar nerve’s response to the median nerve’s response. Your ulnar nerve connects your brain to your smallest finger. When it passes through the wrist, it passes outside the carpal tunnel. This makes it different from the median nerve, which does have to pass through the carpal tunnel in order to get through the wrist. If the two nerves respond a lot differently to the testing, it is a solid indication that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is affecting the median nerve.
    • Due to the accuracy of nerve conductivity testing, it is generally required by medical insurance providers and surgeons before any kind of operation can be approved. There are many steps that can be taken to prevent the need for surgery, and we can help provide them to you.

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