Think about a time when you were little where you had to learn something for the very first time. Or think about watching your child learn to tie their shoes or use a spoon. All of these things eventually become easy over time, however, when a child learns how to do any of these things, it can be very difficult initially. This is because a child doesn’t yet have the muscle memory associated with various tasks. In addition to learning the task, a child also learns how to do it in a very specific way.

This idea can be extended to almost anything. Think about a child even learning to walk. While there may be some struggling at first, eventually the muscles strengthen and their body learns what to do and how to balance. However, throughout this process, the body learns to utilize whatever muscles are strongest and whatever is easiest to create motion. The easiest way to walk or move isn’t always the healthiest for our bodies. In fact, correct body mechanics are key in helping to reduce pain and even avoid surgical procedures in many ways.

So how do you gain and maintain correct body mechanics?

Physical therapy is the number one way in which to retrain your body on how to function properly. Through physical therapy, you can strengthen weak but critical muscles, and also retrain your body to function in an optimal manner. One of the best examples is when someone has knee or hip troubles. Knee troubles, especially in women, can often be caused by tight IT bands and weak glute muscles. Learning how to walk utilizing the proper muscles can help to alleviate additional pressure on the knees and place the strain where the body can best cope.

Physical therapy is all about muscle training in order to improve body mechanics. The often used motto of “lengthen and strengthen” is exceptionally true when it comes to physical therapy. First you have to help stretch out any problem muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Then you have to strengthen the right muscle groups. Often, many pain problems can be alleviated with the right physical therapy, as strengthening the right muscles will help to support the skeletal system correctly.

How does this affect your long-term health?

So in essence, why is this process important? Improper body mechanics over a long period of time can lead to long-term health problems. Correcting improper body mechanics early on will not only allow your body to heal, but all make sure that you don’t have continued problems moving forward. Allowing bad habits and poor muscle memory to remain means that it can continue to cause deterioration, pain, and other problems in your body.

Physical therapy can provide a plethora of benefits. It can help you to recover from surgery and it can also help you avoid surgery. There are many reasons to seek help from a physical therapist and to stick with it in order to improve your overall health. Turn to the physical therapists at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna to get the help with proper body mechanics that you need. Schedule your appointment today!