If you’ve are having lower back pain and have mentioned it to anyone, one thing you might have heard is the suggestion that it is sciatica. In this blog series, we are going to review what sciatica is, what are its causes, and what are potential treatments that will alleviate your pain. If you suspect that what you are experiencing is indeed sciatica, call Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna. For a consultation and we will exam you, listen to your symptoms, make a diagnosis and treat you.

Symptoms of Sciatica

  • Pain. The pain from sciatica can be excruciating.
  • Movement in almost any direction will be painful.
  • The pain can radiate from the lower, back, through the buttock and down the leg, and sometimes all the way to the foot.
  • Any movements that make the lower back flex can cause pain.

Nerve Irritation

  • The pain associated with sciatica is caused by irritation of this nerve.
  • Irritation is commonly caused by a bulging spinal disc which is, in turn, caused by injury, trauma, or disease of the spine.

The Sciatic Nerve

  • Sciatic pain originates in the sciatic nerve.
  • This nerve leaves the spinal cord, in the lumbar area.
  • The lumbar spine is the five lowest vertebrae in the spinal column.
  • The sciatic nerve serves the lower back and leg.
  • There are actually two sciatic nerves, one for the left leg and one for the right leg.

Usually, only one leg is affected at a time.

Check back to read our next blog about how to treat your pain until you can be seen by one of the physicians at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna. Call today for an appointment.