You remember being a happy and active kid. In fact, you were always running, jumping, and playing tons of team sports year round. You felt great, but then you hit puberty somewhere between the ages of 12 to 15. You even did pretty well for a while, but later in high school or even into college, you started to have either hip pain or constant knee pain. This pain could be anywhere from sharp to achy; it could stay around for awhile or it could come and go; and it can definitely be debilitating.

If you’re a woman and you’re experiencing pain in your knees or hips, there is a very real possibility that this pain is caused by that simple fact that you’re female. During puberty, women’s hips widen, which affects the anatomy of many different structures. This change can cause IT bands to tighten, your stride to change, and even your patella to shift out of the trochlear groove. There’s nothing you can do to prevent these changes from happening, however, there is plenty you can do to educate yourself and even treat the pain.

What can I do to treat knee and hip pain?

There are many different options and courses of action you can take if you experience hip and knee pain due to the structural shifts that happen during puberty. The first step you need to do, however, is to rule out other causes of the pain and confirm that your joints are okay in every other way. Once you’ve confirmed that, you can seek treatment from several different types of specialists depending on what is bothering you.

Ideally, you’ll need to seek the help of a physical therapist to manage your overall care. The can provide a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises that will help provide you with the relief that you need. Physical therapy is ideal for hip and lower back pain that is caused by the IT bands or problems with stride. It can also help many related knee problems by strengthening the inner thigh muscles and the quads. However, some knee problems may need the help of an orthopedist. One option available only to orthopedists is to arthroscopically enter the knee and do a lateral release to allow the patella to sit in the trochlear groove correctly.

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