If you experience any of the lower back pain we’ve previously talked about on the blog, or have other back, neck, knee, or hip injuries, it can be hard to find effective ways to stay in shape that don’t cause you additional pain. Joints act much like shock absorbers. However, when they aren’t functioning right, they can’t absorb any shock from activities, like running or CrossFit. Additionally, the added stress can cause even more pain. So what do you do in order to stay in shape and healthy when you’re hurting?

First off, seek help from your local chiropractor or physical therapist for relief from your lower back pain, hip pain, and other joint discomfort. Then don’t let the pain stop you if you can help it. Try and stay active. Check out the following low impact exercises below to stay healthy, reduce your pain, and improve your spinal health.  


Taking the time to head to the pool and swim some laps is one of the best low impact activities you can participate in. It can improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your core, and alleviate everyday compression on your joints.


While yoga still requires you to put some pressure on your joints, it’s much less likely to cause impact. Specific types of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Hatha, and Viniyoga, can provide strength building benefits without extreme pressure on the joints. Don’t feel comfortable with a specific type of yoga? Simply try a different one until you find the right fit.

If you experience chronic joint or back pain, contact the specialists at Progressive Health and Rehab to schedule your appointment today and work your way towards a pain-free life.