When you wake up in the morning, you find your feet are tingling, or perhaps after several hours of typing at work, your fingers become numb and feel like ants are crawling on them. Numbness and tingling in your extremities often are signs of bigger problems than just poor circulation or limbs that have fallen asleep. In many cases, numbness and tingling can be signs of nerve impingement happening somewhere in your limbs due to a variety of reasons. At Progressive Health and Rehab, we know how important it is to look at the big picture of your body in order to properly treat numbness and tingling in your extremities. Let our chiropractor evaluate you and see if you are suffering from impingement of any of the major nerves in your limbs. Keep reading to learn more about what nerves this can effect and what you can do about it.

Ulnar Nerves

If you’ve ever experienced numbness and tingling in your fingers, the ulnar nerve could be the culprit. The ulnar nerve runs down the backside of your arm and into your hand. To get to your hand, the nerve runs under the elbow and controls the functionality in the ring and pinky fingers. Many individuals who spend a lot of time typing can suffer from ulnar nerve impingement from resting your arm or wrist on the desk and putting pressure on the nerve.

Sciatic Nerves

Numbness and tingling in your toes could be from the impingement of the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from your lower spine, through your pelvis, and down the back of your leg. Any weakness in your legs could be from impingement of this nerve.

Seeing a chiropractor can help to relieve any inflammation and stop the numbness and tingling that the impinged nerve causes. Schedule your chiropractic appointment with Progressive Health and Rehab today for help!