Just because you have back or neck pain shouldn’t stop you from staying in shape and taking your health into your own hands. In the previous blog post, we talked about how swimming and yoga can be excellent options for staying fit while you are seeking treatment from your local Gahanna Chiropractor. But you don’t have to just go to a yoga class or hop in the pool to stay fit. There are several other low impact exercise options for you to explore if you want to stay strong while you work to reduce and eliminate your pain. Try out these options!

Cycling or Recumbent Bike

Spinning has gained in popularity and for good reason. If you love the endorphins that cardiovascular exercise can provide with a workout that is easy on your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles, this is the activity for you! Be careful committing to spinning if you are seeing your chiropractor for lower back pain as leaning over the bike can add additional strain. If you still want to get a cardiovascular workout with lower back pain, try a recumbent bike. The sitting position is easier on your lower back and still will give your the benefits that cycling can provide.

Kettlebell Program

You may be wondering how a kettlebell program is low impact. Think about it. If you have problems with joints in your lower body, you are not creating additional pressure like running or CrossFit can. However, the longer sets at lower weights will give you an excellent workout, and not much beats the calories that weight lifting can burn. Once again, if you have lower back problems, try kettlebells with caution.

You don’t have to sacrifice fitness and health if your joints and skeletal system are bothering you. Work with your local Chiropractor in Gahanna by scheduling an appointment today, and keep yourself moving with low impact exercise!