Lower back pain has been plaguing you for some time. You have seen several doctors, tried steroids, and simply finding yourself popping pain killers, which, let’s face it, don’t help all that much. You’ve been told you have a herniated disc or that you’re having problems with your sciatica. Both of these are common causes of lower back pain. But there are other problems that can exist and be diagnosed as lower back pain problems that aren’t actually caused by your back. The best course of action for any of these problems, whether you’re experiencing a herniated disc, sciatica pain, or a hidden problem in your hips, is to visit your local chiropractor at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna in order to receive a diagnosis and treatment.

Your hip has more than one joint!

Often times, when we think about the hip joint, we think about the ball and socket joint that connects the femur to the hip bone and allows you to walk. However, there is another joint in your hip that can often have the same symptoms as lower back pain: the sacroiliac joint. This joint is a small space located in the pelvis between the sacrum (the tailbone area) and the illiac (the hip fin). This small joint helps create flexibility in the pelvis and also provides you a greater range of motion when walking or in other movements.

Because the sacroiliac joint is so close in proximity to the sacrum and sciatic nerves, many lower back pain problems are incorrectly diagnosed. Instead of your lower back being the culprit, perhaps the sacroiliac joint is the true culprit of your lower back pain.

More About Sacroiliac Joint Problems and Treatment

Because the sacroiliac joint has relatively minimal movement compared to a joint like the knee or elbow, it’s easy to ignore the role that it plays in walking and overall movement. Sacroiliac joint problems are caused by either injury or normal wear and tear. It’s very common for problems in the spine or your gait to aggravate the sacroiliac joint. Perhaps you have back pain due to a degenerative disc that you treat with oral steroids. The pain doesn’t seem to go away. Perhaps that’s because an uneven stride from the back pain caused the sacroiliac joint to flare up. Your back actually healed with the steroids but now you have another problem that feels very similar to the first.

The most common problem with the sacroiliac joint is that pa10in from your back can cause the joint to tighten and cause pain. This lack of motion is something that can be treated by a chiropractor. Along with getting a proper diagnosis, it’s important to get treatment as well. Treating the sacroiliac joint in conjunction with the original cause of the inflammation is a very important process.

Let Progressive Health and Rehab get you healthy again. We are experienced professionals that know what to look for when your back hurts and how to best treat it in a holistic way. If you suspect your back pain isn’t really in your back, schedule your appointment today!