During physical activity, pain is never normal. Most of the time, pain comes from injuries. They might be new, an old and lingering ailment, or even a mysterious ache that’s difficult to diagnose. Remember that your body is a tightly interconnected system. When an injury takes place, there are ripples that spread throughout your entire body. It’s important not just to focus only on the part of your body that hurts, but to understand how it affects your movement and your overall health.

If you were injured at work, during athletic activity, or if something just doesn’t feel right when you move, contact us for relief.

At Progressive Health and Rehab, we proudly offer years of experience and the most effective and cutting edge treatment methods in the industry. It’s our belief that treatment that integrates aspects of traditional physical therapy, chiropractic study, and holistic medicine are most effective, both in the short-term and long-term.

We also utilize the most technologically advanced equipment around. Whether it’s vibration therapy to help strengthen posture, trigger point and large point injections, or spinal decompression therapy, we make it a priority to remain current with the most effective and cutting-edge equipment possible.

Most importantly, the mission of our staff is to provide care that’s compassionate and comprehensive. We’ll motivate each patient to achieve their therapy goals in a safe, professional and fun environment. We’ll also create individual and specialized treatment plans that go beyond just recovering from an injury.

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