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We value our patients' experience at Progressive Health & Rehab. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

"I'm even back at the gym!"

I'm so happy I found Progressive Health and Rehab! With the chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy combined, I feel 100% better than the day I walked in the door. My range of motion has increased and the crippling pain in the back of my legs is gone. I'm even back at the gym! Their approach to eliminating my pain was well-designed and applied. They are miracle workers! Thanks to the whole team!


Lynn H. 5/15/2023



"I was bed ridden"

In the past I was overweight and always in pain. Two months ago I was in so much pain, I was bed ridden. I couldn't hardly get up to go to the bathroom. After Just 4 treatments and therapy I went from feeling 40% to 90% better. I was also sleeping better, losing weight and in a better mood.


Starr Lynn Mayes 4/13/22



"Within days, I was walking comfortably"

I woke up on a Monday with a sore lower back, by the end of Tuesday, I could barely stand/walk. I was getting worried because in 31/2 weeks my wife and I are moving out of state and I have to pack and have a 1,200 mile drive. My wife is a patient here and made me an appointment for Wednesday. Dr. Tony diagnosed my problem and within days I was walking comfortably. I went 3 times per week till we left and I'm happy to say that even now, 3 weeks later after the move, I still feel great!!! Thank you Dr. Tony and staff, you are all great people.


Mark Randall 9/9/22

"I was highly impressed."

My first time going to this center and I was highly impressed. The chiropractor was very professional and straight to the point, which is what I like in this atmosphere. The physical therapist was very kind and thorough when explaining what was going to be happening and made me feel very comfortable and heard. Becky the front desk receptionist was so kind and caring and really made me feel welcome. I can't wait to come back and glad I switched here so far, it's worth the extra drive for me.


Katie Glick 9/9/2022

"You are in good hands"

My Lower back pain is going away and my back is beginning to strengthen. I have learned my lesson and will never neglect my health needs again. Chiropractic care is a necessary ingredient to my total wellbeing and Dr.Tony and his staff have made me a whole person again through their professional friendly care.

Going to progressive health and rehab has relieved my back pain and brought me greater aspirations for my future. I feel a lot better since I have been getting adjusted. My back feels a lot better each time I get adjusted. It honest ly takes·a lot of emotional stress off of me.

I agreed with the course of treatment and began immediately. Within a week my lower back pain was so much better. I was functional and able to perform my daily duties without pain. To my pleasure, I am becoming stronger and more energetic. Every week feeling better and better with this treatment.

Dr.Tony and his entire staff are very caring and compassionate people, and I truly believe that their goal is to improve their patient's quality of life. I would recommend Progressive health and Rehab to anyone that feels they would beriefit from their care and compassion.


Neil R. 6/24/2022

"Mario definitely has healing hands"

I am truly grateful that I have come across this place. I was randomly Googling Chiropractors and came past a few that caught my attention I reached out to a few places. The first person I was able to confirm a visit with was Ms. Becky. The moment I walked in, I received great customer service. In the condition, I went in almost pain seemed impossible to get help or relief from the amount of pain I was feeling. I could not sleep prior to coming to Progressive Health and Rehab. I also got a lot of pain relief from the Dry Needling, I am not a person that is big on medications, so dry needling definitely was a good call for me, so glad that they had that option. Thanks to Dr. Donnie for that treatment because that was a huge relief from my pain. When it comes to physical therapy, they have been very patient with me. Having a back injury, my muscle is weak. They never make me feel as of I am not doing enough. I always stop my limit or I am pushing myself too hard Dr. D and Mario always know when to stop me. It's always a good conversation, Dr. Tony definitely has healing hands. With me being in the condition that I am in, I am certain that he is one of the main reasons I feel and why my body is healing. The middle of my back was in so much pain, but the adjustments helped me sleep better at night. I also purchased a pillow to help with the neck pain I was experiencing. Learned that keeping your spine straight helps with back pain relief. To add, I was able to purchase vitamins that were the best fit for helping my healing process. I want to thank everyone at Progressive Health and Rehab for the healing love and comfort that I feel on every visit.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Tasia M. 5/13/22 

"Highly recommend Progressive."

"The spinal adjustments with the spinal decompressions and PT have worked quickly & extremely well. The doctor and staff are very efficient and professional. I am extremely pleased with results to this point and would highly recommend Progressive."


Larry Lowery 8/31/18

"I was given two options: Back Surgery or Physical Therapy."

"In February 2017, I injured my back which results in three herniated discs. I could not stand straight up or walk for more than two minutes without excruciating pain. I was given two options: Back Surgery or Physical Therapy. I chose physical therapy from Progressive Health & Rehab. Besides going every week, the staff at Progressive game me various exercises to perform at home. I followed their guidance religiously, after a few months, I could see signs of improvement. As the months moved on I continued my rehabilitation. Today, In February 2018, I have no pain. I can stand straight up and can walk as long as I desire with no pain."


Alan Egolf 2/28/18

"Competent doctors and attentive staff."

When I first came to Progressive Health & Rehab, I had radiating pain and numbness running down my right arm. Within a very short timeframe, the competent doctors and attentive staff diagnosed the problem and immediately began a course of treatment that relieved the numbness of pain. The adjustments have helped me move back into a more health conscious lifestyle. Their friendly attitude and genuine desire to help their patients shines through on each visit and makes it an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere that assists in the recovery process.


T. Roberts

"My back was broken."

My back was broken. But now it is fixed. So don't you wait. Get in quick!


Pete N.

"A tremendous improvement"

After almost 26 agonizing years, it took just seven weeks of chiropractic care and I feel a tremendous improvement in my general well-being. There is absolutely no more pain in my lower back after a couple of spinal decompression therapy appointments. Chiropractic is an amazing breakthrough without any doubt. It is a miracle and a worthy experience and I certainly recommend it any day. Thanks to Dr. Winnestaffer, Dr. Yannessa, and the staff at Progressive Health & Rehab for their love, warmth, and commitment. And thanks to God for this great discovery.


Maryassumpta I.

"The whole staff is great!"

I find that the level of care and concern has not been matched. I have made wonderful progress with them. The ease of making appointments is a wonderful relief from some of the other's rigid schedules. The whole staff is great!


Cinda C.

"Lower back pain 24/7"

I had lower back pain that bothered me 24/7 - especially when I was sleeping. I have experienced significant relief from being adjusted by the doctors' here.


Patti D.

"Can count on them."

Dr. Winnestaffer is a superb individual in many ways. He is able to help people overcome pain, and I feel that I can trust him because of his degree in neurology. He understands the human body and ways to fix ailments through the use of natural means. Now I detoxify my body and am aware of my nutritional needs. I take wholefood multiple vitamins and feel so much better than I had prior to meeting Dr. Winnestaffer. I would recommend that anyone see him for pain-related to bone alignment problems and injuries, but I would also recommend that people visit him for other health-related issues. Dr. Winnestaffer is very compassionate and has the knowledge to help people become healthier in many different facets.


K. Price

"Improved the strength"

Over the last few years of being under the care of Dr. Winnestaffer has not only improved the strength throughout my back, he also guided me to a healthier well-being through nutrition. I would recommend anyone to the practice.


D. Wilson

"Incredible job"

I just wanted to let you and your staff know what an incredible job you guys are doing here. Thus far, I have received the greatest care I can possibly imagine. I was able to return to work sooner than I anticipated and for that I am very grateful. Thank you so much…


A. Molina

"Told me very clear what is wrong"

After a few tests and a consultation with you, I came to know exactly what my problem is and what it is that you are going to do to fix it. You are the only doctor who told me very clearly what is wrong with my back. I also like the idea that I do not have to take any medicine for it.


Atiq K.

"Feeling back to myself again"

Falling at my house at such a young age wasn't something written in my schedule. With pain throughout every day and restricted movement in my neck, I was so relieved when the staff at Progressive Health & Rehab said they were here to help. In just a couple of weeks they had me feeling back to myself and on my regular schedule again.


Rebecca H.

"Pleasant and professional staff"

You have a very pleasant and professional staff. It's a pleasure to work with all of them!


Bob B. 

"I can now walk for longer periods"

I had lower back pain and difficulty standing for more than 15 minutes, along with a pelvic tilt. With chiropractic adjustments and some physical therapy, I can do my housework without pain and walk for longer periods.


Marilyn L.

"I am up living again"

I have had previous injuries to the spine and I couldn't walk without my walker. I needed help out of bed and was always in #10 pain. A surgeon said nothing could be done, but with the treatment at Progressive Health & Rehab, I am sleeping all night and living without crippling pain. I am up living again. Yes, it is a miracle. I am 83 years old. I recommend these doctors very highly, they are wonderful.

"I had low back pain and leg pain"

I had low back pain and leg pain. I had back surgery years ago for the 3rd lumbar disc from the tailbone and had been fine for years when I started to have pain again. I started coming to Progressive Health when I could barely walk with a cane. After receiving treatment, I am definitely much better and don't even need to use a cane while in my home.


Ruth S.

"Very grateful"

Hi Dr. Winnestaffer, I just wanted to let you and your staff know what an incredible job you guys are doing there. Thus far, I have received the greatest care I can possibly imagine. After getting injured at work, I was not quite sure what to make out of the preferred providers network that was introduced to me to find a healthcare provider, and it took me a month to find you guys and I was really happy that I did. With the treatments and physical therapy that I have received, thanks to you guys, I was able to return to work sooner than I anticipated, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you so much and I will see you all soon.



"Special thanks"

Special thanks to the skilled hands of Dr. Winnestaffer. He helped me through the entire process of chiropractic care, explaining at each stage of my visit what was being done, and making sure I was not in any pain. I am now on my way to getting my life back. I am doing the exercises I was taught in the physical therapy to retain my posture to support my back with the aid of my posture belt. I am feeling better and stronger every day! This has been a truly AMAZING experience and the best decision I made. At Progressive Health, you are treated with such care, compassion, and humor, pleasant smiles and good wishes the entire time. The entire atmosphere at Progressive Health is one of total positive thinking. You see it from the moment you sign in for the first time, to all of the other "patients" filled with anticipation, and right to the last moment you leave. The knowledge they have at Progressive Health is truly amazing. I am now walking tall again rather than being haunted with pain. I tell everyone I know, and everyone I meet about my experience with the hope that anyone who suffers the same way I did, or worse, that hearing my story will "inspire" them to look to Progressive Health & Rehab to help get them on the road to living life to the fullest! Thank you Progressive Health! Please feel free to share my testimony with others.



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