Let’s talk about your spinal column. It’s made up of 24 independent vertebrae and it’s what allows you to move bend, twist and otherwise be active. The spinal column also protects delicate nerve tissue that’s responsible for delivering communication, both conscious and subconscious, between the brain and body. It’s a marvel of biological engineering.

Ever hear of the term “subluxation?” If not, don’t worry. It just refers to a slight dislocation or misalignment of the vertebrae. So if two vertebrae aren’t working together properly, you can experience pain, decreased mobility and a host of other issues. Subluxation can be the root cause of a number of health issues. But here’s one of the main problems. When subluxation happens, the nervous system doesn’t always function properly. As a result, there can be pain with the elbows or shoulders. Unfortunately, since these symptoms are the main way the body tells you there’s a problem, once you’re in pain the condition may be fairly far along.

Luckily, with routine care, symptoms can be reduced or prevented entirely. And at Progressive Health and Rehab, we’re more than just chiropractic care. As an integrated care clinic, we can help get you out of pain, and offer holistic suggestions regarding diet and lifestyle to increase your quality of living.

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