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Remember as a kid all of those times your parents told you to stop slouching and sit up straight? We hate to tell you, but it turns out they were right. It’s possible that, if you’re not sitting, standing or walking correctly, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your body. Over time, this strain will transform into pain.

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At Progressive Health and Rehab, we have a solution. It’s called neuromuscular re-education, and it’s a proven way to retrain your brain and body to use proper posture and healthful biomechanics. By correcting this, we also greatly reduce the odds of pain returning in the future.


Your brain’s natural reflex is to stand upright. To assist with this, we utilize a vibration machine in tandem with physical therapy. This helps to strengthen damaged postural muscles and to create positive habits when it comes to posture. We can also provide a home care plan, so you can work on normalizing your posture at the comfort of home. If you do these exercises for just 15-30 minutes daily, you’ll discover reduced pain, improved posture and an overall sense of well-being.


If other therapies have failed you, or you want to give us a try, contact us today. We’re pleased to offer a free consultation in order to help you live pain-free.

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