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Peripheral neuropathy is defined as damage or disease affecting the nervous system. Movement, sensations and organ function are among the bodily functions that can be impaired. More than one kind of nerve can be distressed. This condition can either be a slow and chronic condition, or it can be acute with a rapid onset but slow resolution. An acute condition generally requires quick diagnosis and treatment.


This condition can occur for numerous reasons, such as vitamin deficiencies, traumatic injuries, and long-time ailments like diabetes. In some cases peripheral neuropathy can be hereditary, and occasionally it can be brought on due to chemotherapy treatments. Symptoms can include pain in limbs, tingling, or intense itching. There can also be weakness in arms and legs, cramps, a feeling of heaviness and persistent fatigue.

For those diagnosed with this condition, it can be a strange and frightening experience. But before you start to worry, contact the friendly professionals at Progressive Health and Rehab. Treating neuropathy is a multifaceted process, requiring a thorough diagnosis. While many healthcare professionals often prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications, we prefer a regimen that incorporates medical treatment, chiropractic techniques and rehab. We also factor in lifestyle adjustments, dietary advice and examination of collateral medical issues.

Chiropractic Services in Gahanna, OH


As a result, we’ve created a holistic and non-invasive technique for treating neuropathy that has succeeded when so many others have failed. So if you’re experiencing symptoms associated with neuropathy, or you’re not sure, contact us today for a free consultation. Our highly trained and compassionate staff stand ready to help you get your life back.