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Nutritional counseling is one of the many important services available at Progressive Health and Rehab clinic. We practice holistic medicine. This means we don’t just treat the symptoms you are experiencing. We look for root causes and treat you from the inside out. As a chiropractor in Gahanna, Dr. Winnestaffer, Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, believes that nutritional counseling is a natural complement to a chiropractic care program. Nutrition is a vital part of overall body wellness. Eating the right food will keep your body’s systems functioning properly. Good nutrition can help with arthritis, back pain, sciatica and other nerve and muscle conditions. If you feed your body the right nutrients, you will not only have more energy for daily activities, but your muscles will be stronger which may prevent future injury. There are some dietary programs that are a part of our nutritional plan these include detox and purification, herbal therapy and vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplementation.

Detox and purification in your body will help eliminate toxins that build up due to certain foods and contaminates in your environment. You are exposed to hundreds of toxins in your food, water and the air on a daily basis. Our bodies get contaminated from pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics. As we accumulate these toxins our body typically has a hard time keeping up with the elimination process. When we cannot rid them fast enough they are deposited in various tissues of our body resulting in back pain and muscle pain.


Nutritional detoxification programs are available for you if you are experiencing certain types of pain and symptoms that are compromising your quality of life. We can help you “clean up” your health by providing an effective detoxification plan. We can provide consultations about how to eat, what to eat and what types of products may be compromising your health benefits. We can analyze your current eating plan and help you make the changes necessary to improve your health.


Herbal therapy can often reduce or eliminate the use of prescription drugs. Plants and herbs in their whole-state retain the ingredients necessary to be effective for alleviating back pain caused by sciatica, arthritis and other health conditions without harmful side effects. Using herbs and plants may help strengthen your body’s natural healing mechanisms which allow you to alleviate pain and treat symptoms simultaneously. Herbs are generally prepared for internal and external use. They are found in teas, tinctures, extracts, oils, compresses, capsules, tablets and ointments. Our nutritional counseling may include herbal therapy of your health program.

Vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplementation is essential for nutrient replacement in your body. Eating nutritious foods will help give your body vitamins, minerals and enzyme but food alone may not give you all of the nutrients you need. Today food refinement and processing has resulted in a food supply that does not contain even the recommended daily allowances of many vitamins and minerals. Our bodies need these daily allowances of vitamins and minerals to prevent back pain, deficiency disease and other disorders like arthritis and sciatica which can occur if you are nutrient deficient. We utilize absorbable whole food nutritional supplements to help treat a variety of conditions. These supplements can be prescribed according to individualized test results from nutritional testing. We want to ensure optimal nutritional results that will benefit and treat your pain as well as promote total body wellness.


Our nutritional counseling services will help you not only heal from pain or injury, but get you on the right track for a healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in changing your diet with a detox or other methods, then visit our office today for a full consultation.