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Physical Therapy

Board-certified Physical Therapy Treatment

The Physical Therapy services offered at Progressive Health & Rehab in Gahanna, OH, are based on an advanced approach in health care not commonly found at most physical therapy rehab facilities.


By building a team of licensed medical doctors that work alongside our physical therapists, our practice offers the most comprehensive and effective healing services for our patients' pain related injuries using modern technology and a holistic approach to medicine.


Whether your injury was suffered at work, in a sporting event, or due to another type of activity, our team of skilled professionals will use integrative medical practices that are proven to be successful when caring for and providing treatment to our patients. Working carefully to diagnose your pain and provide gentle relief, we will provide physical therapy that will incorporate the benefits of our holistic practices and advanced technology to provide immediate relief as well as long-term recovery success.


In addition to our licensed medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors on staff, our technologically advanced physical therapy procedures may include:

  • Vibration Therapy - whole body or targeting specific areas
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy - to remove pressure from spinal discs and promote healing

Benefits of Holistic Physical Therapy

While many patients believe the pain they are experiencing will eventually go away on its own, most of the time it does not and can either go away temporarily and return unexpectedly or just gradually progress and spread over time. Additionally, coping with pain on your own can cause you to overcompensate with other parts of your body leading to further injury. The body is a very intricate, interconnected system of muscles, joints, and nerves, which is why we employ a holistic approach so we can consider the cause and best healing for your body as a whole. Not just to the area of your pain.


Healing with our non-surgical and drug-free approach allows you to continue with your daily life without going through recovery periods or downtime from uncomfortable operations or reliance on habit-forming medications.

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