Myology is the study of muscles and is a fascinating subject. There are so many interesting and amazing facts about muscles that we could spend all going over them. The bottom line is that without them, we are nothing. Between involuntary and voluntary muscles our body, inside and out, runs like a well-oiled machine, or it should. Sometimes there is a bug in the system and things don’t run as they should.

When a muscle contracts, but doesn’t relax it can develop  a knot that can be painful and restrict movement. Gone untreated it can lead to muscle weakness. Once a trigger point develops, blood flow will decrease to the affected, and scar tissue will develop causing additional pain and slowing the healing process. No one knows quite why they develop, but some researchers believe trigger points take place because of muscle overload. Hopefully, new research will shed light on this. 

While researchers look for the why’s of trigger points, Progressive Health and Rehab can treat them so that you can have relief from the pain and reclaim your full range of motion.  we offer ways to end the pain. Along with chiropractic adjustments and massage, we treat trigger points with trigger point injections. We also provide large point injections, which are used for problems with the knee, shoulder and the sacroiliac joint, a joint that connects the bottom of the spine with the pelvis. These injections help to lubricate the joint, decrease pain, and best of all, it only takes a few minutes.

If you find you are having knots in your muscles that don’t resolve themselves quickly, call us for a consultation.