Dating from the time of the space race in the 50’s and the 60’s, there have been astonishing technological innovations. In numerous ways, those innovations have spurred our economies and changed our lives for the better, in small ways and large. Advancements we owe to the space race include velcro, microwave ovens, and the laptop computer. Vibration therapy is also rooted in space exploration research. 

Developed through the Russian space program, vibration therapy was originally envisioned as a way to prevent astronauts from losing muscle mass and bone density while in the zero-gravity environment of space. As word spread about this discovery through Europe and the United States, it began to catch on. Now, we use it as a tool for our neuromuscular re-education program. Traditional physical therapy involved your brain sending messages to a particular muscle for it to contract and relax. Vibration therapy makes this path a two-way street and increases the efficacy of the movement. As the body moves ever so slightly from the vibrations, the muscles send messages tot he brain and the brain responds. This two-way street increases the effectiveness of therapy and strengthens the muscle-brain connection. 

How does it work? By standing on our vibration platform, your posture muscles will need to make multiple rapid adjustments, as many as 50 times per second, in order to retain balance. In fact, exercise performed on the vibration platform is actually 3 times more effective than if it were performed on a stable surface. Vibration therapy also strengthens bone density, increases joint flexibility and boosts healing speed in strains, fractures, and sprains. It also helps to decrease stress, increase energy levels and boost body detoxification. Best of all, according to our patients, it creates a deep feeling of relaxation.

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