Sleep is something that no one can do without, and yet, many individuals may find themselves waking up from a not-so-restful night’s sleep with neck pain that simply won’t quit. While there are many temporary remedies to stop the pain once you wake up, like a hot pack or painkillers, fixing the cause of your pain and stopping it before it starts is always a prefered solution. So what is the connection between your neck pain and sleep? Probably more than you guessed. When you need help finding relief from chronic neck pain, contact your local chiropractor here in Gahanna for help figuring out the best ways in which to feel better. In the meantime, consider the following reasons you may have neck pain from sleeping and these tips to help you stop chronic neck pain before it starts.

Is your pillow any good?

Just like with good posture, when you sleep, your neck should still be inline with the rest of your spine, not turning in funny directions or falling more to one side than another. Your nose should stay closely inline with the center of your body if you are providing appropriate support to your head and neck with your pillow. Just like how everyone sleeps a little differently, there is no pillow that is right for everyone. Finding the right pillow can often feel like trial and error, however, it’s important that you find the right pillow for the position you sleep in in order to provide the right amount of support. A pillow that is too big will cause your neck to be pushed up, and one that is too flat will let your head fall towards your shoulder; neither situation is ideal for preventing neck pain. Look for a pillow that will support your head and neck while keeping them inline with the rest of your body as you sleep in order to help prevent chronic neck pain.

How do you sleep?

You sleeping position can say a lot about whether you are prone to neck pain or not. When you are looking for relief from chronic neck pain, one of the main things you should ask yourself is, “What position am I sleeping in?” Some people sleep on either side, using a pillow to support their neck, while some people sleep on their stomach or back. There is some debate about which positions are the best ways to sleep, and the best answer is that it depends. However, if you have regular neck pain that is worse when you get up, the ideal sleeping position for you may be on your back. We know that it can be hard to change your sleeping position after years of sleeping the same way each night, but sleeping on your back allows your spine to rest comfortably and inline without putting in the added pressure of twisting on your neck. One thing is for certain, if you’re a stomach sleeper, the odds are that is the cause of your neck pain.

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