According to the Academy of Pain Medicine, “Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old. More than 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-64 experience frequent back pain.” In fact, of the four most common types of chronic pain, lower back pain ranks as being the most common. This can be due to a variety of causes. Only a trained professional can diagnose the exact cause of your lower back pain, but consider these causes that your local Chiropractor can help you address so that you can feel better as soon as possible.

Aging Discs

Unfortunately, as we age, our body does not withstand the force of gravity on the skeletal system as it once did. Your muscles aren’t as strong and aren’t able to hold the vertebrae in place as well as they once did. This puts additional pressure on the soft discs between each vertebrae. The tissue in the discs also breaks down and is not able to maintain the same level of padding, potentially causing anything from a bulging disc to degenerative discs and nerve pain. Seeing a chiropractor with expertise in lower pain pain and disc problems can help you find a way to relieve the pain.


A very easy way to injure any part of your back, including your lower back, is to find yourself in a car accident. Whiplash most often occurs in the neck and occurs when the spine is jerked back and forth quickly and forcefully. A chiropractor can help to relieve this pain through muscle manipulation and spinal adjustments.

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