Subluxation, or vertebral subluxation to be exact, is what chiropractic is centered around. Chiropractic holds that vertebral subluxations are at the root of many physical ailments and therefore, treating subluxations with chiropractic treatments that adjust subluxations can easy, or cure these ailments. Chiropractic treatments are combined with other practices, from conventional medicine, to treat conditions as varied as migraine headaches, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, and bulging discs and sciatica. Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna offers chiropractic treatment from our highly qualified Chiropractors.


As you know, the spinal cord is the main highway for the nervous system. When any small change takes place in the spinal column, as a result of strain, injury or degenerative disease, the effects ripple out from the spinal cord, through the nerves to upset the systems that are controlled by that segment of nerves. There are several factors that play into these changes and accompanying ill effects.

  • The nerves that radiate from the spinal column can be affected, causing upper or lower back pain, radiating pain or numbness.
  • The muscles that hold the spine in place can get displaced, causing weakness or spasm, among other possibilities.
  • The soft tissues of the spine include the discs, ligaments, and tendons. When they get affected by trauma or disease, they can be the root of many painful problems.

Progressive Health and Rehab offers treatments to help a number of problems that originate with one of these elements. Among other treatments, we offer muscle re-education, spinal decompression, neuropathy treatment and physical therapy. Call today and make an appointment for a consultation.