The Benefit of Progressive Health and Rehab

Millions of people experience chronic pain on a daily basis. A good percentage of those people simply believe that it’s just a part of life and there’s no relief or solution to be found. Seeking chiropractic help is a simple solution that can increase quality of life and cause many issues to all but disappear. If you’d like to feel better today, we’re your go-to Gahanna Chiropractor. We’ll work with you to figure out what’s wrong and make it right.


Client Experience with Pain Relief

Our clients are proof that it is possible to live life to its fullest and without any pain to hold you back. Maryassumpta came to see us after twenty-six years of pain and after only seven weeks of chiropractic care, she noted a “tremendous improvement” in her wellbeing. Her lower back pain is completely gone.

Another of our clients—Patti—experienced lower back pain twenty-four hours a day and was even in pain while sleeping. She notes “significant relief from being adjusted” by the doctors here at Progressive Health and Rehab.

David noted major neck pain all the way down his arm, debilitating shoulder pain, and a fractured back. Since seeing us, the pain in his neck and shoulder has disappeared, his arm works normally, and he has experienced a “great change to the quality of life.”


Our Staff

The staff here at Progressive Health and Rehab wants to be your first choice when you’re seeking chiropractic work in Gahanna. We strive to provide with the perfect experience in relieving you of your issues and lending a helping hand with chronic pain management. T. Roberts mentions that “within a very short timeframe, the competent doctors and attentive staff diagnosed the problem and immediately began a course of treatment that relieved the numbness and pain.”

Cinda C. has found that “the level of care and concern has not been matched” by other chiropractors and that “the whole staff is great!” We want that to be your experience too as we endeavor to help you figure out what’s wrong, solve your problem, and make you aware of what needs to be done to get you back to 100%.

Each member on our team at Progressive Health and Rehab makes every effort to be attentive to patient needs and Bob B. has remarked that we “have a very pleasant and professional staff” and that “it’s a pleasure to work with all of them!”


Services We Offer

We can provide a number of different services to ensure that your problem is assessed from all angles so that we can provide assurance that you’ll be feeling better in no time!  Neuropathy treatment, spinal decompression, trigger point injections, spinal rehab, neuromuscular reeducation, and whole body vibration services are provided at Progressive Health and Rehab; we also offer nutritional assessment and biomeridian testing, physical therapy, and medical services. Our library of services is comprehensive and, as always, we seek to be your first choice in Gahanna chiropractic work.

Our results speak for themselves. Take a step onto the path of feeling better and call us today!