Your spine is an exceptionally important part of your body. It provides the structural support that your body needs in order to walk and be upright throughout the day. However, when something is wrong with any of the different parts of the spine, or the surrounding soft tissues, you can definitely feel it. Being able to describe what you feel in your back and where can help to isolate any issues and better help with your chiropractic treatment in the Gahanna area.

There are five main parts of your spine that support your body. They are all made up of the same basic components and can have very similar injuries. Your entire spine is made up of alternating boney vertebrae and soft-tissue discs. These structures help to support and protect the spinal cord found within and allow the nerves to travel to all parts of your body. Damage can happen to any of these structures, and the soft, disc tissue is highly susceptible to herniation, or tearing. Because the spine is made up of so many different pieces, it’s also very easy for muscles to push and tug on the vertebrae, causing other forms of damage and pain. On the flip side, your muscular system that surrounds your spine can also help to provide additional support for your spine against strain and gravity.

Of the typical 33 vertebrae that make up the spine, they are often sorted into five sections based on placement.

Cervical Spine

The cervical spine is what your next consists of, and it includes the first seven vertebrae in the spine. The first two that extend from the neck often become fused over time and restrict the range of motion. That being said, you still get the most motion out of your neck. This is why the cervical vertebrae are so prone to whiplash damage and other repetitive motion movement problems.

Thoracic Spine

The thoracic spine includes the most vertebrae and starts at the top of your chest and counts down 12 vertebrae. This section of the spine supports the rib cage and helps to protect your chest organs. Many individuals who have rotator cuff issues may experience concerns with this section of the spine because all the muscles are so closely related and connected.

Lumbar Spine

The lumbar spine has a tough job. It consists of the five vertebrae in your lower back that makes up the back arch or curve. This is your weight-bearing portion of your back that supports the rest of your upper body and has the tough job of fighting against gravity. Because of the ability for the lower spine to move and it’s job of supporting your body’s weight, it’s highly susceptible to injury.


The sacrum consists of roughly five vertebrae in the pelvic region. These vertebrae fuse over time and help to make up the entire pelvic complex. While some individuals may have issues with these vertebrae, the odds are that they have issues with the sacroiliac joint and now the actual sacrum. This is something a chiropractor can examine and determine for you.


Coccyx is a fancy word for your tailbone. Need we say more?

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