Lower back pain plagues millions of individuals across the United States annually. While there are many causes of lower back pain, many of the same or similar treatments can be used across the board. From seeing a chiropractor to regularly visiting a physical therapist, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Consider the following options to help you kick the lower back pain problems that you’re experiencing.

Stop Smoking

We all know that smoking is hard on the lungs and heart, but it can also be a factor in your chronic back pain. Smoking reduces your circulation and your body’s ability to heal. Kick the habit, and you’ll find that your back will be able to heal faster and more completely.

Focus on Ergonomics

With more and more professionals being sedentary at their desks, a lot of lower back pain can be caused by poor ergonomics. When you first set up your desk space, make sure your desk, chair, keyboard, and monitors are all at the correct heights for proper ergonomics.

Develop a Strong Core

Your back supports your body and most of your weight. Your core muscles in both your stomach and back provide support for your spine. Keeping them strong will help prevent or alleviate back pain. Seek help from a physical therapist or personal trainer for the best ways in which to accomplish this.

Don’t Let the Pain Stop You

Your first instinct when you experience back pain may be to crawl into bed. Fight this urge and stay active. The more downtime you give your back, the weaker it gets. If you start hurting, set you an appointment with your doctor promptly.

Seek Treatment

Getting treatment for lower back pain promptly is important and can shorten your recovery time. When you start hurting, immediately book your appointment with the expert chiropractor at Progressive Health and Rehab to start your healing process now!