One of the keys to maintaining good health is exercise. But for people concerned with the health of their spine, weightlifting and bodybuilding can present special risks and challenges. If done incorrectly, lifting weights can lead to strain or can lead to painful injury. We here at Progressive Health & Rehab want you to achieve the healthy body you desire, so we have provided a few tips to help keep your back healthy and pain-free during exercise and physical therapy.

  • Consult your physician and chiropractor before starting any exercise or physical therapy regimen. It’s important to know what state your back is in before beginning, and what kind of exercise is appropriate for your body.
  • Aim for high repetition and less weight; this helps keep muscles toned and fit.
  • Consider opting for resistance machines over free weights. For beginners or individuals with certain conditions, resistance machines present greater advantages such as reducing the stress on the back. Resistance machines can also guide you through a specific motion and if properly adjusted, can help you maintain correct form.
  • Strengthen your core. Most back injuries are a result of strained ligaments or muscles; stabilizing and strengthening your core muscle groups can help brace the spine and prevent injury.
  • Avoid certain exercises that can cause undue stress on your back. Things like the military press, weight-assisted lunges, loaded standing calf-raise, and the lying leg press can exacerbate strained or injured muscles in the back and around the spine.

Maintaining good muscular health through exercise is one of many ways to keep your back and spine working at peak condition. But if you are feeling strained, make an appointment with us today so we can ensure that your back continues to operate at a healthy, pain-free level.