In 2011, Forbes magazine published an article about car crash probabilities. Every year, approximately 10 million car accidents take place, ranging from annoying fender benders to severe and fatal accidents. Statistically speaking, the average American will experience around 3-4 accidents. That comes out to once every 17 years or so.

When a car accident takes place, the normal human reaction is to tense up the body. It’s something that’s completely involuntary since we’re often either taken completely by surprise or only have a split-second to prepare ourselves. Upon impact, tensing alone will throw off our balance. It’s not uncommon for the spine and spinal discs to become misaligned. Joints, tendons and other muscular aspects of the body can also take a hit.

So that’s the bad news, but here’s the good news. It’s a fact that chiropractic care can provide quicker results and a shorter recovery time than other types of care usually practiced. It’s a treatment approach that’s drug-free and totally natural. While chiropractic care won’t always exclusively work on every human body, it tends to be highly effective. Remember that not everyone is compatible with drugs and aggressive care plans.

So if you’re examining the odds, make a smart bet and contact the friendly professionals at Progressive Health and Rehab. With years of experience and a focus on a full body and comprehensive approach, we’re the clear choice when it comes to removing pain, increasing mobility, and helping you get back to your life. Contact us today!