If you’ve ever considered biomeridian testing, but are on the fence about it, or you’ve simply never heard of what it is, then this blog is for you. In order to decide if biomeridian testing is for you and can also benefit you, it’s important to understand what biomeridian testing is and how it’s used as part of a holistic medicine treatment plan.

What is biomeridian testing?

First, in order to understand what biomeridian testing is, you need to understand what a meridian is. If you’ve ever done acupuncture, you may already be one step ahead of the game. If you asked an acupuncturist to explain what a meridian is, they might compare it to train tracks that run throughout the body. These train tracks help to move energy. When you don’t feel well, these train tracks may get blocked in some way. Acupuncture is one way to help correct the blocks along meridians for proper energy flow. Biomeridian testing looks at the energy flow along these train tracks in order to identify where any problems may be. However, unlike with acupuncture, the process doesn’t involve needles or any pain whatsoever.

When you opt to do biomeridian testing, you simply hold onto an electrode while your practitioner uses another electrode to touch typical acupuncture points. The machine then measures the electrical resistance that exists between your hand holding the electrode and the acupuncture point. This measurement can help to identify if a meridian is “blocked” and where it may be blocked.

What can biomeridian testing tell you?

Because the main purpose of biomeridian testing is to help figure out where energy is not flowing properly in your body, it can help identify possible causes of inflammation, food sensitivities, and a variety of other health problems that can be hard to put a name to.

For example, biomeridian testing may be able to identify intestinal tract inflammation that could be indicative of a food sensitivity. While biomeridian testing can’t simply tell you exactly what’s wrong, with other diagnostic tools, it can help point you in the right direction in order to find a resolution or to help prevent further bodily damage from occurring. This type of testing is simply another diagnostic tool, like an MRI or an x-ray, that can help you to figure out what may be causing your body to react in a negative way.

We offer this service, as well as nutritional assessments and counseling, here at Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna. Our main focus may be chiropractic care and physical therapy, but in order to see success in these areas, you often need to take a whole body, or holistic, look at a patient. We don’t just treat the symptoms that a patient presents us with, we treat the patient as a whole individual. Biomeridian testing allows for further, more detailed diagnostic processes, and is just another tool to help treat all of a patient’s needs. If you’re looking for a clinic that treats you as a whole, turn to Progressive Health and Rehab for your health needs today.