No one wants to suffer from pain of any sort. However, chronic pain can really take a toll on anyone not just physically but also mentally. Whether you are experiencing muscle pain, joint pain, or pain caused by your skeletal system, your local chiropractor can help you find a solution to relieve some, if not all, of your pain. While many people think of the manual manipulations that chiropractors do, there are many other treatment techniques depending on your needs. Trigger point and large point injections are part of a chiropractor’s treatment arsenal.

What is a trigger point injection?

We all carry stress differently, and some people carry stress in knots in their muscles, also known as trigger points. A trigger point injection is an injection that a chiropractor can make into the heart of these muscular knots. Each injection is composed of an anesthetic, saline, and sometimes a steroid. It’s a simple procedure that is virtually pain free and yet, can provide big results. By breaking the pain cycle with a trigger point injection, oftentimes the pain will stay away.

How can a large point injection help?

A bit more invasive than trigger point injections, large point injections are injections that go into a joint. Used for treating arthritis, inflammation, bursitis, and other chronic joint problems, large point injections also utilize an anesthetic, like lidocaine, and always have a corticosteroid. The needle is inserted directly into the joint where the steroid can go to work reducing inflammation and, in turn, reducing pain.

Not all chiropractors can provide trigger point and large point injections. Progressive Health and Rehab has the ability to use this technique in conjunction with other chiropractic methods in order to reduce your pain. Schedule your appointment today.