An examination by a chiropractor is close to a standard examination, administered by a local doctor, or most health care providers.The difference is that chiropractors examine structure and function of the spine before determining the best procedure necessary to help the issue you are facing.


There are 3 different parts of examination that chiropractor’s use for back pain. This includes a consultation, case history, and finally, the physical examination. It is possible that laboratory analysis and an X-Ray will need to be done as well.

  1. Consultation. Patient has their first appointment with the chosen chiropractor, who then provides a detailed yet brief synopsis of patient’s pain, which may be:
    • What the symptoms are
    • How often the symptoms occur
    • Where exactly the pain is
    • If there is a time/position that the pain feels better (sitting, laying, standing)


  1. Case History. Chiropractor studies and identifies specifically where the patient’s pain is by asking multiple questions and learning more about the patient’s history, which may include:
    • Dietary and eating habits
    • Family History
    • Previous treatments (chiropractic, osteopathic, medical, etc.)
    • Occupational history
    • Psychosocial history
    • Any other areas which may be based off of what’s learned from the above information.


  1. Physical Examination. The chiropractor then utilizes methods to determine exactly what is needed for treatment. Depending on the results from the exam, the chiropractor may ask for other tests, such as an X-ray.


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