gahanna_sciaticaIf you aren’t sure what the difference between a herniated or bulging disc is, or perhaps you don’t about different surgical options available for back pain, then catch up on this information from our last blog. For those of you who are checking back in, you know that surgery is not always the best option to relieve your back pain. In fact, it may cause further unexpected complications. Instead, consider seeing your local chiropractor or physical therapist in order to work towards lifelong results.

But, how can chiropractic care fix my bulging disc?

It may not seem like a chiropractor could fix problems with a bulging or herniated disc, but in fact, there is a lot that they can do in order to help relieve the compression in your spine. Your musculoskeletal system works together in order for you to function each day. Things like stress and gravity can tense your muscles, causing compression in the spinal discs. A chiropractor is able to check how your muscles are pulling at your skeletal system and help align everything. This process also helps loosen the joints that may be causing you pain.

Isn’t physically therapy a waste of time?

Some individuals may also not see the benefit of physical therapy. Doing small repetitive motions over and over again may seem like a hassle, but with the right plan you can truly strengthen the right muscles. By strengthening your core muscles, you’re able to help relieve the compression on your spinal discs and make sure your vertebrae are held in the appropriate places.

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