When clients join us for physical therapy or are looking for a practice that can provide holistic care, we often hear about how our clients have tried physical therapy before but the problem came back anyway. What we’ve found is that even if a client has done physical therapy before, they didn’t continue their stretching and strengthening regimen after they completed their protocol in office. Don’t feel distressed about this. This happens on a very regular basis, and while we want our patients to have pain-free lives, we’re here to help you get back into the groove if you need the help. So why do so many people stop their exercises and have to repeat physical therapy more than once?

The most common answer seems to be that people struggle to find time to incorporate their exercises and stretches into their daily routine. Once they feel better, other things come first and demand more attention. Because the pain is gone, there is no immediacy to make their therapy routine a priority. Here at your local Gahanna physical therapy location, we want you to be able to maintain your health and your physical therapy habits long after you’ve finished your sessions with us, so keep reading for several tips to help you keep your exercises at the forefront of your mind to keep feeling your best.

Set Goals

The number one thing you can do for yourself is to create goals that motivate you. Do you have a sport or activity you love to do? Do you have a physical limitation that you want back? Keep these things in mind as you move forward with your physical therapy. These are things you certainly don’t want to lose after you get them back. The other thing to keep in mind concerning your goals is to make sure that they are reasonable and achievable. Baby steps help you to make it to a point where you are in a maintenance phase which is something that is worth celebrating.

Create Reminders

Outside of setting goals, you need to create ways to remind yourself to do your stretches and exercises. Whether you know that every time you see a clock you need to do one set of exercises or that you set calendar reminders in your phone, do whatever it takes for you to set aside a short period each day to do an exercise or two. Try and keep it manageable, as you don’t want to overload yourself with dozens of exercises. Consider taking five minutes just twice a day. You’ll have few excuses to avoid just five minutes.

Be Body Aware

The more you know your body and listen to it, the better off you will be. Being aware of how you feel and when something starts to give you problems allows you to have the opportunity to dig back into your physical therapy routine before things really start to hurt. Catching any problems early can make a big difference in recovery and your quality of life in general.

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