Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna Ohio is the area’s Top Rated Local® Physical Medicine Clinic. We know Ohio winters can be harsh and it’s tempting to stay inside, but we are using this blog series to encourage you to stay active through the winter. If you do, you’ll have less chronic back pain. When you keep your spine strong you’ll be less prone to painful conditions such as herniated discs, which can lead to sciatica and other problems.We have some ideas to help you maintain your back strength until the spring thaw comes and you can back out for your long walks, tennis or bike rides.

Get Wet

If there is a gym of some type in your area that offers a lap pool, take advantage of it and swim. Swimming is a great winter (well, anytime really) exercise because it works the  whole body, improves lung capacity and burns calories. Set yourself reasonable goals and go often. When you reach your goal, treat yourself to a healthy treat or a relaxing treatment from Progressive Health and Rehab. An added bonus is that usually where there is a swimming pool, there is a steam room or jacuzzi. If you have your doctor’s ok to use these, go for it. Steam rooms are great for sweating out toxins and jacuzzis are a relaxing dip in a hot bubbly tub. What could be nicer before going back out into the cold wind and snow?

If you need our services for chronic back pain in order to get you to the place where you can participate in these activities, give us a call today!