If you’ve been researching chiropractics or have received chiropractic treatments in the past, you may have heard the term “spinal decompression”. Progressive Health and Rehab in Gahanna provides non-surgical spinal decompression to treat a number of issues, including pinched nerves that can be extremely painful.

Have you  had the feeling that someone turned up the gravity? One of those days when it takes extra effort just to pull yourself out of bed, out of a chair or just to stay upright. While gravity is actually constant, there is something to be said for feeling the earth’s atmosphere some day. According to the Smithsonian national Air and Space Museum, the pressure that the atmosphere exerts is 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level. And ‘the average adult has about 21 square feet of surface area and that adds up to about 44,100 pounds of pressure.”
It’s no wonder our spines get compressed over a lifetime. Throw in factors of exertion, overuse, trauma and disease, and it’s a wonder that our spines hold up as well as they do! If you are suffering from persistent muscle spasms, radiating nerve pain such as that which occurs with sciatica, degenerative disc disease, or a bulging disc, non-surgical spinal decompression may help alleviate your symptoms. Progressive Health and Rehab uses the latest in technology in spinal decompression, including a sort of biofeedback that measures the amount of tension on the spine. If you are having back pain or radiating nerve pain, call today for an appointment.