Some of us are more apt to overdo it than others. We all have that uncle who just never stops until he gets the job done. Oftentimes we see these people hit roadblocks where they just simply pack too much activity into a short period of time and suddenly pain is a major issue. If this has happened to you or someone you know, seeing your trusted Gahanna chiropractor at Progressive Health & Rehab can help you keep moving. If you sometimes overdo it too, you may be wondering how you can keep your body healthy avoiding pain altogether.

Today we’ve got some important tips for our chiropractor that will help you function well and eliminate your pain quickly.

  • When you begin to encounter pain, don’t wait to see your chiropractor. This will help you find a diagnosis and treatment plan to relieve your pain without drugs or surgery. Many people run into pain through stress, lifting heavy objects or inactivity followed by too much activity.
  • Set up regular chiropractic adjustments to maintain a healthy body balance to allow yourself to be as active as you want to be.  Whatever your role, as a runner, golfer, bike rider, parent or weekend warrior, regular chiropractic visits will keep your body tuned up for the next challenge. Injuries tend to heal faster when the body is properly aligned and maintained.

If you sometimes do too much too fast, let us, your trusted Gahanna chiropractor, provide a quick, effective diagnosis with a plan for avoiding future injuries!